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Market Analysis

Paradox helps you blend market data with business imperatives to attract and retain mission-critical employees.

Understanding market positioning and trends is a core requirement for any organization seeking to remain competitive (both as an employer and as an enterprise).

However, understanding the market does not mean becoming a slave to it. Paradox is not biased toward ever-escalating compensation; not every employee can or should be “at the market.” Depending upon employees’ skills, levels of experience, performance ratings and roles, a distribution above and below market is ideal.

Paradox consultants bring vast experience in compensation market trends that have evolved through recessionary and boom times. Our comprehensive data sources include base salaries, short- and long-term incentives and geographic pay differentials. Typically, we match your jobs to our existing market data from multiple survey sources and public information (such as proxy statements and other regulatory submissions). In addition, we have extensive experience in developing and analyzing custom surveys that meet your unique needs.

Our technology is tested and state of the art. Your information, including job descriptions, can be submitted through the secure client center on this website. Our consultants will ensure appropriate matching and use of survey sources. Results can be accessed electronically in PDFs and Excel reports. Paradox technology is secure, convenient and available 24/7.