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Paradox offers a full spectrum of services for compensation program development, business process support, training and communications. View our general brochure or a specialized version describing services for non-profit organizations.

Compensation Co-Sourcing - Available by subscription, this web-based service allows Paradox to become your virtual “back office,” supporting all of your compensation business processes more cost-effectively.

Total Rewards Strategy & Compensation Program Design - Paradox can help you develop a rewards strategy and compensation programs that are integrated with both short- and long-term business objectives, thus aligning the interests of your human assets with the success of the enterprise.

Market Analysis - Access to competitive trends ensures that you understand and appropriately value the talent you need to execute your business plan – without falling victim to upwardly spiraling compensation demands.

Regulatory & Implementation Support - Paradox can guide you through the often murky details of complying with regulatory requirements, and establishing appropriate governance policies. Further, we can help you audit current plans to assess potential risks versus benefits of program design.